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What a year.

Just this year alone, there have been 8 death’s in my friends and family circle. (I have a handful of friends)
Several have been unexplained and random, while others have been in the grip of cancer, M.S., or a stroke.

I hope with all the close encounters my family continues to have, they will be clear from death’s hand for many years to come.

But then again. Maybe all my attempts have kept the Grim’s eyes on me instead. 


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I find it hard conversing with my family or even my friends. I haven’t given a shit about their lives (family) in so long its difficult to pretend I care about so and so’s something or other . I don’t enjoy ooohing and ahhhing over little baby things, I don’t like football or going to church (HAIL SATAN! meh) and idk, I get awkward when they talk about marriage and shit. 

The past being the past I still haven’t forgotten what was done…forgiven perhaps but still weary of their actions…who knows when one might explode and do…horrible things to me or my loved ones.

I worry. So I keep my distance.Its ridiculous. I’m ridiculous. Meh.

Oh well.

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Garsh Dangnip

Drank a bit and went to bed by 9:30pm and woke up at 1:30am with an atrocious headache. Soooo what to do except lay in bed (incredibly turned on too boot as well *garsh*) and wait for the alarm to go off?

Yeahno lameness fuck that shit. Made coffee, scrambled eggs with veggies, and english muffins. Booyah. 

Still have a blasted headache.

Btw. Going garage a-sailing today. Lets see what $5 buckaroos can get me.

Hmm what else? Forgot my pencil sharpener over at my grandparents again so stencils are at a stand still….and I’m too lazy to use a pen…and bored of painting…(painting family tree at thee Grandparents house atm) Pictures soon. Hopefully.

ugh. Now to twiddle my brains away…

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My cousin just came out to me. Told me he’s not meant to be a man, said he’s always been a woman on the inside. Awesome, fantastic, I’m proud of him for accepting who he really is. Really. Not only does this make me not the only family member who is “different” but I can support him in his decision and him in mine.
 He’s absolutely braver than I, I never came out to my family about my sexual preferences (nor do I plan on it) but he has and because of that his family (my aunt, uncle, his wife) all believe he is mentally ill. It literally makes me sick to think that is how they treat him, as my aunt said “He’s sick, he needs to get checked into a hospital. He’s being selfish for thinking this way, he has a toddler son!”
 So, to my transgender cousin, I love you and I’m absolutely proud of you.

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