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The best of LOST & FOUND IN PRAGUE 2013

1. Winter Prague by Hynek Šantl (1970) 

2. Winter Prague by František Schnöbling, Old Town Square 1949

3. Prague by D.J Ruzicka - Evening on Vltava, 1926

4. From archives of Prague castle, photo by M.Peterka

5. Prague Astronomical Clock destroyed 8.5.1945

6. Prague by Marie Šechtlová, 60’s

7. Prague by V.Heckel

8. Prague by Josef Illig, Tyn Church, Old Market Square

9. Prague by F.Scianna, early 90’s fashion photo session

10. Prague by M.Riboud, 1972 (Wenceslas Sqaure)

The Veiled Castle of Heidelberg is one of the largest buildings in the world to be hidden in plain sight. While Muggles may catch glimpses of the Castle in fountain of the square by which the Castle is located (see image No. 8), for the most part they see a broken-down old church that is perpetually under construction (image No. 5).

For the Wizarding World, The Veiled Castle is a veritable mecca of the magical arts, housing, amongst other things, one of the most extensive libraries of wizarding Europe (No. 4), the prestigious German School of Magical Fine Arts and Design, and a temporal manipulation research center where the first time-turner was made. Additionally, the clock tower of the castle (image No. 7) has been used as a watch tower during the Dark Wizard Grindelwald’s reign of terror.

The square by which the castle sits is shared with Muggles and is often filled with Muggle vendors and shoppers, but it is also a commonly used location for German wizarding events like Celestina Warbeck concerts, Ministry election speeches, and Goblin strikes for fair treatment.

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