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Some of my favorite champions and skins for League of Legends, in no particular order.
(*Note: All images taken from the League of Legends site and owned by Riot Inc.)

1. Ashe the Frost Archer, Amethyst Ashe

2. Katarina the Sinister Blade, Bilgewater Katarina

3. Ahri the Nine-Tailed Fox, Classic Skin

4. Fiora the Grand Duelist, Classic Skin

5. Gangplank the Saltwater Scourge, Classic Skin

6. Yorick the Gravedigger, Classic Skin

7. Nasus the Curator of the Sands, Dreadknight Nasus

8. Wukong the Monkey King, General Wukong

9. Kog’Maw the Mouth of the Abyss, Monarch Kog’Maw

10. Teemo the Swift Scout, Panda Teemo

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