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and here to your left we see society’s impossible to obtain standards for women

You’re never going to satisfy everyone. Someone is always ready to judge. The only voice you should listen to is the one that brings you peace; the one that says “you ARE a soul, you HAVE  a body” and we can learn to love ourselves, no matter our outsides.

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My mother and her very religious friends.

When I was about 8, I was forced to watch a recording of an abortion process. The video itself was about the before and after effects of premarital sex and how bad it is and “you should just wait until you’re married to sleep together”.. ALL the premarital’s ended in abortion ( about 30 minutes of watching abortions. Delightful.)  
  After the abortion segment the video continued onto gay and lesbian couples. Which unsurprisingly starts out with two very handsome men holding hands, proposing, and kissing. At this point in the video, I recall one of my moms friends jumping up, gasping “ACK! oh, no, you shouldn’t see that, its just not right,you’ll be scarred” turning to me after the tv was shut off,” God doesn’t love gays. Gays are created directly from Satan.”

I didn’t understand why a god would hate homosexuals,(why would a god create everything and yet dislike his creations when they loved one another?) and henceforth, from that point on, I chose to create a life without a “god”. How’s it working out for me? FABULOUS. I feel no guilt for being attracted to girls as well as boys, I don’t have nightmares every night of the “End of the World”,  demons and being tortured. I don’t live in the past, because if I do, I will become the monster my mother and her religious friends tried to create.

You will never know the horrors I went through as a child. And that is okay, because I want you to know me as me.

I not saying my whole childhood was riddled by religion, just from age 4 and on. I DO have some memories before of good days…but those are very blurry.

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I’m sorry but


The average high school student has the same levels of anxiety as people put in mental hospitals in the 1950s.

Over 25% of my year group has self harmed recently.

Some of my best friends at school cry themselves to sleep because of the pressure of school.

I’ve talked to people considering suicide and having mental breakdowns because of all the work they have to do and the high expectations.

So don’t you dare tell me that there is nothing wrong with our education system.

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