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Germinate! Germinate! British photographer Chris Balcombe is a prolific collector of original Doctor Who props, some of which date back to the 1960s. Included in enviable his collection are a number of different Daleks. However the incredibly awesome “Dalek Planter” pictured above was built by Chris himself, who modeled it after the golden Daleks which battled both Christopher Eccleston’s ninth Doctor and David Tennat’s tenth Doctor.

[via Nerd Approved and Geek Native]

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As many of you may remember I was involved in a hit&run last July injuring my spinal cord, vertebra, and ribs. The aftermath was horrible, I couldn’t run/jog and walking for long periods of time became unbearable as was sitting too. Since then (after MANY chiropractor visits) my back has began feeling loads better though not completely healed.

Anywho. I’ve decided to say fuck the pain and go ahead and  do my normal workout routine. I’m starting out easy (20mins lifting + legs exercises and 10mins cardio) Goal is 118 which is 12lbs I need to firm up or lose. 

Will be posting now and new progress photos.

*crosses fingers*

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